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Bliss and love

If one day in the near future,

out of time,

I could pick one moment

to keep it shimmering always new,

of all the days that I have lived,

I would always pick

the moment that I met you…….

I have had a good life, full of love, struggles, several friends. I was even fortunate enough to meet the love of my life and witness the product of our love in our amazing daughter, who is just as beautiful as her mother, inside and out. Oh the things she will do, how I wish to see them.

I am not sure how much time I have left on this side of the curtain, but whether its 2 days or 2 decades I want to spend them next to the ones I love. I want to travel. Life is so beautifully fickle and time goes by so fast that at times we fail to appreciate them both. It was just “yesterday” that I held my daughter on my chest while fearing the worst thing a parent can experience.

You can get so caught up on your problems and your want to be right that you tend to forget that “Someday, someone you love is going to die. Then you’ll realize that none of the issues you had matter”. Inventory yourself, your heart and decide to love and cherish your loved ones unconditionally because life its how it is, not how it should be or should had been.

Sometimes even when you know something is wrong, the immediate gratification suffocates what you know is right. To contrast this I also know that reminding people about their moral fiber does change the way they behave. Keep that in mind when you talk to your loved ones and strangers.

If you ever feel that the world is against you, be glad, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise…………………. sometimes we think we are making a rational decision but very often that decision has very little to do with rationality, and more to do with the ideas that our culture, family or peers have approved. When we don’t know what to do we tend to do what the ones that came before us did. Kids follow their parents, who followed their parents, who followed theirs. We apply that to everything in our lives thru social conditioning, from the most minuscule thing, to our profession or marriages. If we are led to believe everyone is doing it and its normal, then maybe we too should be doing it. I have been guilty of this reasoning many times. I’d like to talk about it if you would listen.

Love and feelings, unlike your social status, are not written in paper. Your kids are owed every stone to be turned upside down, and if needed the moon. “Once you choose to bring children into this world, divorce isn’t a solution to an unhappy marriage, fixing it is.

I leave you with this,
“If all that you are
Is not all you desire
Then come
Come as you are
Come alone
Come with friends
Come with foes
Come with fear
Come with songs
Come however you are
Come all wrong
Come with sorrows
Just come, come along
Come let yourself be wrong
Come however you are
Just come….”



Around 4 years ago the beautiful woman below gave me the greatest gift you can give a man besides your love, she gave us Zoey. We are fortunate to have created with the combination of our genes a little individual with the beauty and wits of my wife and the goofiness of both of us. Its hard to explain how it is that both me and my bride both see each other on Zoey, but are unable to see much of ourselves on her. Ashley thinks she looks like me, almost as if she didn’t have anything to do with the process, and I only see the beauty of my bride in her, well maybe she has my nose.

Zoey is much like my wife, very kind and very attentive to other people’s situations. While she may disagree with that statement I can assure you that is exactly how it is.



Thank you very much for everything, iloveyou.

1456007_1039986882737412_1218771683180003499_nIMG_1256 IMG_2062 IMG_2070 IMG_1121

I am a proud husband to a wonderful wife who I love, makes me smile and chooses to love me despite my imperfections.
I am a proud father to an amazing daughter that fills my day with enthusiasm about what she will do in the future.
They fill my day with rewards that can’t be measured in any scale.
They are who I live for.


In love there have been so many good things exposed that someone had to turn it around and also mention its unpleasant parts

A long day dealing with chem and bio agents is always good. Exciting yes, not your normal job ya, super fun of course. Also tiring as ef. And another day of the same just got started. As I type this from my mobile device inside waiting to roll out I sign out until later. Thank you for the messages left in the box and I wish you all a safe day wherever you are.

That is the best time for me in the world. Family keeps me grounded, reminds me where I come from and allows me to place priorities straight. The following is a shot of yours truly and my mother. I interrupted her angry birds session to have this taken. She is the person responsible for almost everything good about me.

I had a great time during Christmas day. The gathering of a family  under one roof always sets the mood for fun times and lots of laughter. I hope your holiday season was as good if not better than mine.

Being home brings mixed feelings when you have been gone and used to a complete different environment and culture for so long. I am glad to have the opportunity to see many of you during my visit and wish I had the chance to see others.

So I say hi, and thank you for your visit to the site. I have approved access for the ftp server and rest of the domain folder to the ones that requested. I only ask for the users to be responsible with it and respect the structure of it since its used by hundreds of people on a day to day basis. Any suggestions to make it better are always welcomed. Until next time, yours truly signs out.

I am sitting in my bed waiting for 1015 to hit the clock. That is the time I will be chartered to the central out-processing facility before shipping out home for a few days, take the time to relax, reflect,  reorganize and prep mentally to come back and hit it again for the mission I have assigned to do in January. I must say with the best of my knowledge about myself that I will miss this place while I am gone,  it has given me lots of experiences, real challenges, and allowed me to confirm that I am indeed made of what  I thought I was.  See you when I get home, maybe.


Here I am killing time with classmates before inspection time. I have spent time with this guys in life or death situations, mostly while training and even if I was to never seen them again, their memory would live.  Also… just noticed the use of the words killing and death in two adjacent sentences ha!  Click on thumbs to see bigger pic 🙂